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Code of Conduct

  1. Only members can attend the Hyderabad Angels (“HA”) scheduled meetings.
  2. Personal details provided to HA such as Father’s name, Address, Contact details, Email id, PAN number, Picture and Date of Birth would not be shared with anybody outside HA Secretariat without email/ written consent of the member
  3. All documents including emails, presentations, discussions, terms sheets and other agreements that members receive from HA are confidential. Members are requested not to disclose or forward them to any third party including other angel groups or venture funds.
  4. During the company presentations by the entrepreneurs at the monthly HA meetings, members are requested to avoid over critical remarks and observations that discourage the presenters. They are also requested to avoid cross-talk or phone calls or walking in & out during the presentations. HA members should strive to give positive experience to the entrepreneurs at every stage, whether their company gets funded or not.
  5. Once a company is shortlisted for due diligence, only HA Secretariat Office is authorized to speak to the company and / or its founders till such time that the company is either invested or rejected (unless HA Secretariat Office requests for help from fellow HA member).
  6. Members attending the monthly HA meeting are requested to voluntarily disclose if they have a direct or indirect investment in a presenting company or a company that competes with the presenting company. For the sake of confidentiality we will request the said member to voluntarily excuse himself or herself from such presentations unless the promoters / entrepreneurs allows the same.
  7. All the members shall grant Power of Attorney (“POA”) to Internal Auditor, Hyderabad Angels for executing all the transaction documents including Term sheet, Definitive documents on their behalf.  POA shall be used only after the concerned member communicates consent via email to invest in the company.
  8. Once the member has communicated his / her specified quantum of investmentcommitment in the company by email, the said commitment cannot be withdrawn unless and until the due diligence reports are adverse and beyond rectification. Additionally, investments can only be made on the member’s own name, dependants’ names (spouse, children) or from a company where the member and / or the dependants are majority shareholders.
  9. Once an investment is made into the company, the terms of investment among others may include the appointment of a Nominee Investment Director on the board of the investee company representing investors from HA. Nominee Investment Director and Secretariat Office will keep other investing members of HA informed about the progress of the company on a regular basis. Investment Nominee Director would exercise specific rights as per the agreement with the company. All communications between Company and HA investors and vice versa shall be routed through either Nominee Investor Director or Secretariat Office.
  10. In case, any Member loses HA membership, then he / she automatically ceases to be Investment Nominee Director on the portfolio company representing HA investors. A new Nominee Investor Director shall be chosen from among the remaining HA investor group. An inter se agreement shall be executed to this effect.
  11. Director, Secretariat Office shall be appointed as Board Observer on the all the portfolio companies invested by HA members.
  12. Any non-investing HA member choosing to be on the Board of a HA portfolio company shall disclose / communicate by mail, the same to the Secretariat office at the earliest.
  13. Only President, Vice President and Director are authorized to speak to media on behalf of HA. They may nominate other members and/or secretariat staff for this purpose.
  14. Every corporate member shall be entitled to act and be represented by two authorized representatives whose profiles should be approved by the Board
  15. We request all members to work for the growth of HA, its membership and its sanctity. Members are also requested to encourage promising companies to present to HA and to provide support to investee companies wherever feasible.
  16. This code of conduct may be modified from time to time by the Board of Directors of HA.
  17. Each member is required to provide their acceptance to this code and modifications from thereof from time to time.