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Investment Criteria

Investment Size:

HA invests between USD 250K to USD 1M in promising Indian start-ups and early stage companies. We are sector agnostic and invest in asset light and scalable businesses.


  • Investments will typically be made by the Angel member by direct subscription of shares in to the company.
  • All investment decisions will be made individually by the investor or the institution and they are solely responsible for their decisions.
  • Investee Company seeking funds will be explained the framework of Hyderabad Angels.
  • All the investing members are expected toparticipate by putting in time for strategy and other operations of the company in the spirit of entrepreneurship.
  • Lead Investor may or may not be the largest investor in terms of investment of capital among the angel investors
  • It is expected that an investment decision will be communicated to investee within 60 days of short listing by the secretariat.
  • We encourage member angels belonging to different backgrounds to invest to give the investee a different perspective on various matters.
  • It is not necessary for the investments by different angels to be of the same size. However, the minimum ticket size for an investment is INR 5 Lakhs.
  • Also, member angels may invest in a company at different times at different valuations.

Post Investment:

  • It is expected that the Angel Members will work jointly with the entrepreneur to make the venture successful, where they have put time and money.
  • The member angels investing in a company along with the investee company and the Secretariat will select a Board member among the investing members. This member may or may not be the Lead Investor(s).