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Types of Membership

Hyderabad Angels has two classes of membership –

  1. Individual Members and
  2. Institutional Members.

Individual Members:

  • Individual members are inducted as members in individual capacity only and will not be representing any organization. Investments brought by the Hyderabad Angels will be made in the name of the members or their immediate family members only.
  • Fiduciary ownership of the investment will be that of the member or immediate family member and in no circumstance it will be in name of any other person or a corporate body.
  • A member of the Hyderabad Angels can also be a member of other Angel group. However, it is assumed that he or she will not share deals or deal flow information without the consent of secretariat.
  • New members can join Hyderabad Angels by writing to or calling the secretariat.  The secretariat will call them back and give a brief on the process.
  • A new member is required to get a reference from an existing Angel member. In case there is no reference, the new member would be required to meet an existing member. The profile of new member is then sent to the Board of Directors for their approval post which the payment and other formalities need to be concluded.

Institutional Members:

  • Institutional members can also join the Hyderabad Angels group with members of the institution given access to the deal flow. However, the fee for institutional members will be higher than that of the individual members.
  • Two people can be nominated by the institution to attend the angel meetings and act on behalf of the institution. However, only one person may attend the meeting at a given point of time.
  • Fiduciary ownership of the investments made in that case will be in the name of the institution. Examples of Institutional members could be a Venture Capitalist or Private Equity firm or a Company, Institution or an endowment with capital set aside for entrepreneurship and early stage funding.

Please contact us for more information on the process and fee details. You can also write to us at –